I Numb the Pain at the Expense of My Liver

Wow. I haven’t written on here in a while. I guess I actually have a life now. It’s hard to believe. I’ll try to catch you up to date on my riveting experiences.

Wednesday: I went to work. It was pretty nice out, so my roommate and I sat by the pool and swam some laps. Lounging is a hobby.

Thursday: I went to work again. I think we had a fire drill this day. Yay for sunshine. Unfortunately, the worst intern in the history of interns sat with us at lunch. He was the only dark cloud in my day.

Friday: I went to work again and had free lunch. I MET THE CEO. Okay, I didn’t meet her. I just was able to listen to her talk. She basically told us that, in order to be in her shoes one day, we had to prioritize. Okay. That makes sense. Then, she went on to say that you should miss things that you don’t care about…like your kids’ volleyball games. She basically told us that if she had a spare hour, she would rather get coffee than make her kids happy. Seems like pretty good advice…if you want to be a horrible parent. She also married someone 20 years older than her. This is horrible, but I think she did it so he would die early and she would be left alone for most of her life. She likes the loneliness. About 10 minutes after I was home from work, Corinne freaking Kwan was at my doorstep like a sad little puppy. Just kidding, she was more of a scared little puppy because her cab driver questioned her decision to ever leave the city and visit Webster. I mean…the reason is pretty obvious. Have you met me? Later that night, we went to the East End Festival with some other interns. Our ride to the event was a little sketchy. I locked my door a few times. There were a couple of stages and food trucks at the event. It was awesome. We met up with a fellow Kappa Delta. Hey Jordana hey. Her attempts to set us up with some of her high school classmates didn’t really work out, but it was all good in the end. OMG. I almost forgot. After the music festival, we went to the boys’ apartment. A bunch of other guys were there. They were so entertaining. I’m calling them hairboy, big guy, and hottie-mchotstuff…oh and Ed. LOL. It was nice to have some fresh faces added to the mix, but the ultimate surprise of the night was Chinny-chin’s superior hockey skills. He is a master and I just want to be his student. 2 AM rolled around and we weren’t done being wild crazy kids, so what do you think we did? Logic problems. That’s right. You didn’t misread that. I said  logic problems. Obviously, I sucked ass but it didn’t matter. I was pretty drunk. I know I was drunk because in the morning, I re-read my texts to the one and only Owster and was super confused.

Saturday: Another sun shiny day! We went to the Maplewood Rose Festival. It was beautiful. I posted a ton of pictures on facebook. Check them out if you’re into pretty things. There was wine tasting, food vendors, and a small shopping area. My favorite part was this booth that sold dry soups, dip, and bean products produced by women in recovery from addiction. Profits went towards furthering these women’s recovery. Plus, the dips I tried were really good. After the festival, we walked back to the car and took a pit-stop along this pretty path that we found. We ended up seeing a rainbow! It was seriously a picture-perfect day. Later that night, there was a ring at our doorbell. A new intern had arrived. We decided to go to dinner together at the much talked about Maria’s mexican restaurant. After waiting for what seemed like forever, we drove over and let me tell you, I was extremely disappointed. That was not authentic and that was not delicious. Hellen would have been disappointed. They most definitely used flour tortillas. Helllllll nawww. I ended up taking a little rendezvous to the hospital to pick up a friend. Another intern had to have emergency surgery. I’ve only met her once, but the interns who knew her better were really there for her. They visited her in the hospital after knowing her for only a month. It just proved to me that these are good, unselfish people here. Around 11, we went to the other boys’ apartment afterwards and played more hockey. I’m kinda getting bored of it. We need to find a new game to play. I think Vietpong is going to be our next option.

Sunday: We went to Wegmans for get some food (third time this weekend). Corinne, Steph, and I then went to the Eastview Mall about 25 minutes away. It’s a pretty good mall. We had chinese food in the food court and froyo a little later. I bought a pair of shorts and a bracelet. I love making money because then I can spend it! It was Clara’s birthday today! She’s one of my roommates. She went to her room for a second and we put the gift we got her on her laptop. When she came back out she looked so confused. When she realized the tissue paper and banana sticker wrapped present was hers, she opened it. She likes gaming, so when we were at the mall, we bought her one. I hope she likes it! We went back to Sticky Lips. I find it a little ironic that we went to a BBQ place because she’s a vegetarian, but they actually have a great meat-less selection. It was way better and more fun the second time around. We were actually given BBQ sauces and our waitress liked us. When we got home, we had some cake and ice cream. It was the cutest little cake I ever saw and we had a lot of fun joking about cake crimes that may have occurred from eating too much. We were all giggles, at least our abs were getting a workout. The boys came over after and we played Scattergories. It’s a pretty fun game. If I made the rules, everyone would get points for everything, but unfortunately everyone doesn’t want to play by my rules. It was seriously a great day and I think it has a lot to do with how happy we all were. No one is trying to be cool (because seriously we’re not) and everyone is pretty comfortable with who they are. I’m happy we’ve all been placed in this little bubble together. I really believe every person is put into your life for a reason, and I’m still figuring out the reason all of these people have been put in mine. Hopefully I figure it out by the end of the summer.

Right now: Corinne Kwan is the loudest talker on earth. This girl can not whisper. I’m attempting to put a muzzle on her right now so I can write this post in peace but she just won’t cooperate. She’s my little puppy. Woof woof. I’m going to be sad when she leave, but it’s time to put her to bed. Goodnight people.

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